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music is beautiful

it is the language of the heart

it is the bridge between heaven and earth

the connection of all men

it needs nothing but willingness

and readiness to hear it

it is the language of life

it brings newness, fullness and peace

to all men, women and children

enjoy it!

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Welcome to the official website of Abbi

Abbi is mostly known in the world of music as an award-winning singer, composer and producer and as a powerful performer captivating large crowds at well-reputed international festivals..
Abbi’s professional career began in the 1990s and has taken him on a journey from a-cappella to afro-fusion and reggae, from collaborations on organic electronic music to studio-owner, from tree-planter to HIV advocate and peace-promoter, and as a writer of epic inspirational fiction.. 

Karibu and Welcome to Abbi World..